Ultra-high-speed Intelligent Universal Gang Programmer


Ultra-high-speed Intelligent Universal Gang Programmer



  • Support devices with Vcc from 1.2V to 5V.
  • Extremely fast speed.  P+V 64 Mb NOR FLASH memory in 11.3 seconds and 1Gb NAND in 108 seconds.
  • 4 isolated programmer modules based on SUPERPRO 5000 working asynchronously. Each module is built with 144 universal pin-drivers. Universal adaptors are available for varies packages up to 144 pins. New device support will be easier.
  • Controlled by a PC via USB2.0 (high speed) .
  • ISP/ICP programming capability available via ISP/ICP adaptor
  • Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms are used for high reliability. (+5%~-5%) and (+10%~-10%) Vcc verification enhances programming reliability.
  • Advanced and powerful functions.
    Production mode start chip operation at the moment the chip is inserted in the socket properly.
    Project function simplifies processes such as device selection, file loading, device configuration setting, program option, and batch file setting into one touch step.
    Password can be set for project files and production volume control
    Batch command combines device operations like program, verify, security into a single command at any sequence.
    Serial numbers generators are available as standard or customer-specific functions.
    Log file is useful for quality tracking.
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection for safety of the chip and programmer hardware.
  • WINDOWS XP/VISTA/Win7 compatibility


 P+v (s)

 Compare with SP3000U


 K8P6415UQB  9.1(P)+2.3(V)= 11.4(s)  25.1(P)+16.8(V)=41.9(s)  64Mb NOR FLASH
 AM29DL640G  20.5(P)+2.3(V) =22.8(s)  38.5(P)+11.8(V)=50.3(s)  64Mb NOR FLASH
 K9F1208U0B  35.2(P)+32.2(V)=67.4  188.6(P)+179.2(V)=367.8  512Mb NAND FLASH
 KAP21WP00M  53.2(p)+54.8(V)=108  -  1Gb NAND FLASH
 K9F1G08U0A  60.4(P)+56.1(V)=116.5  362.3(P)+359.3(v)=721.6  1Gb NAND FLASH
 AT28C64B  0.8(P)+0.1(V)= 0.9(s)  1.2(P)+0.8(V)= 2.0(s)  64Kb EEPROM
 24AA128  2.7(P)+1.8(V)= 4.5(s)  5.0(P)+4.0(V)= 9.0(s)  128Kb SPI EEPROM
 QB25F640S33B60  29.0(P)+14.4(V)= 43.4(s)  55.2(P)+41.4(V)= 96.6(s)  64Mb SPI EEPROM
 AT89C55WD  2.5(P)+0.4(V)=2.9(s)  3.3(P)+1.0(V)=4.3(s)  20KB FLASH MCU
 ST72F324BK4B5  2.6(P)+1.3(V)=3.9(s)  18(P)+7(V)=25(s)  32KB FLASH MCU
 MB89F538  1.21(P)+0.93(V)=2.14(s)  12(P)+6(V)=18(s)  32KB FLASH MCU
 Upd78F9234  2.6(P)+1.3(V)=3.9(s)  38(P)+16(V)=54(s)  16KB FLASH MCU
  • All orders received before noon Beijing Time will begin processing the same business day.

    Device Updates:

  • XELTEK updates software and device algorithm regularly.
  • View the latestDevice List .
  • Download the current software version free of charge .
  • Updates are available by mail at a nominal charge.
  • XELTEK also adds devices upon customer's request at its option.

    Warranty Support:

  • Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Online Technical Support is also available 24 hours or you may call us during our business hours through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (Beijing Time).

  • Hardware & Electrical Specifications:

  • Supported devices: EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory(NOR & NAND)n, BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU.
  • PC interface: USB2.0
  • Stand-alone Feature: None
  • Electrical spec. of the AC adapter: AC input 90V to 250V, 50/60Hz, DC output 12V/6A; power:15W
  • Mechanical parameter: Main unit: Size: 438*216*94 mm Weight: 4.3Kg.
  • Packing Box: Size - mm Weight: 5.9 Kg.

  • Accessories:

  • Main unit with a DIP48 adaptor, AC adaptor, USB2.0 cable, software CD (include: install software, user manual), register card
  • Optional accessories: adaptor in varies packages.

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